adidas release 2018 World Cup away kits

Today, adidas released the away kits that will be worn by their associated nations at this summer’s World Cup in Russia. The adidas mantra is ‘authenticity to progression,’ and it’s certainly at the heart of each design, which have been inspired by kits of the past and iconic landmarks. Each away kit pays homage to the nation’s footballing history and heritage, whilst showcasing the latest adidas product innovations.





The current World Cup holders have taken inspiration from their iconic green jersey from Italia 90’, which they wore in that infamous semi-final against England. The graphic on the front of the shirt, is taken from their current home strip and the overall finish is a fusion of classic and contemporary football style.





The host nation’s away kit is a combination of two elements; one part takes inspiration from the country’s street football scene and another from the architectural landmarks and industrial cities of Russia. A celebration of the Motherland, combining past and present.





This is the first time Argentina will take to the field in a black strip but will it inspire Messi & Co. to a World Cup victory? The strip itself is a product of previous Argentina away kits, which has been modernised through the progressive graphic, inspired by the colours of the Argentinian flag.





Can Spain win their second World Cup in three tournaments in this light blue kit that has taken motivation from their adidas away kit of the 1980s? The fresh new colour concept of the Spanish strip is finished off nicely with a two-coloured crest. Nice to look at without being highly decorated, which is a phrase that could be used to describe the current Spanish squad.





This rather striking away kit features a bold graphic that takes inspiration from traditional scarves worn by Colombians during special occasions. The country’s logo, ͞

Unidos Por Un Pais – translating to – United as one Nation, is a nice finishing touch to the away kit.





The concept behind the Japanese away strip is to provide fans with a top that easily makes the transition from pitch to the streets – they achieved this by taking inspiration from the nation’s streetwear scene and the end product is a modern interpretation of the 1991 home jersey.





A sleek and simple design that takes the colours of the Mexican flag – the sign off on the collar reads, ‘Soy Mexico,’ – translating into – ‘I am Mexico.’ A short but sweet message that will galvanise the fans!





The Swedish strip is a stark contrast to that of Mexico…It screams progressive style and contains rich detailing within the fabric. A graphic design with light and dark shades of navy blue creates an impressive finish to a strong away shirt – how far will it take them in the competition?





Belgium have gone bold with yellow as the predominant colour on their strip, with the two other colours of the flag being adopted subtly through lines drawn in the jersey. Does the brightness of this strip depict the way Belgian’s host of stars are going to light up the tournament?


All in all, adidas have delivered a strong selection of strips, which vary from classic to contemporary designs and all draw inspiration from past jerseys and traits of their nation.


Which one is your favourite?