Bubble football World Cup

All 6 of the teams competing – The Daily Star, The Daily Express, FourFourTweet. FootyMatters and The Sack Race – had seen preview photos or videos of Bubble Football before they arrived at City Temperley in Canary Wharf last week for the #BubbleFootballWorldCup, but even that did not prepare them for the madness that is Bubble Football, our favourite stag activity for 2014.




The tournament was refereed and administrated by Xtreme Soccer, as well as our very own ‘sexy referee’, and it was structured so that the winners from each group faced each other in the final. We also enjoyed a grudge match play-off between ‘arch rivals’ The Daily Star and The Daily Express. Just kidding, they’re best of friends really!

The award winning blog and twitter account FourFourtweet emerged as winners of Group1 while betting advice website TheSackRace showed their class as they came out on top of Group2!


The final was a keenly contested affair, with both teams getting pumped with some pre-match huddles and bubble chest bumps! It was a rollercoaster of a match with some massive hits and stirring efforts on goal, but when the dust settled it was TheSackRace who had the final word. They were crowned champions of the first ever Bubble Football World Cup, and worthy winners they were too!


Here is a breakdown of the results:


Group1 Points
FourFourTweet 6
Daily Star 1
Maximise 1
Group 2  
TheSackRace 6
FootyMatters 3
Daily Express 0
The Sack Race Winners!



It’s fair to say everyone had a great evening trying out Bubble Football, and a lot of hot, tired, bruised and battered players was testament to the spirit of enthusiasm and competition in which the tournament was played.


We learnt that Bubble Football is not just for stag dos; it’s great cardio exercise as much as it is ridiculous fun, and it could be played regularly as a replacement for normal football. Indeed, being handicapped/protected by a giant bubble is a great leveller for players of different abilities, and being fairly anonymous inside a bubble accentuates that.


Perhaps best of all, Bubble Football is a brilliant spectator sport. Lots of players commented that it was almost as fun watching as it was playing. And with huge hits that wouldn’t look out of place in a game of rugby or American football, together with some belting goals, the tournament demonstrated that Bubble Football stands tall as a game in its own right. With that in mind we feel that the main purpose of the evening – promoting the sport – was hugely successful.


We look forward to the next #BubbleFootballWorldCup!


See our Maximise @StagHen Twitter account for live tweeting and hilarious photos and videos from the evening!


If you like what you see and you’d like to try Bubble Football yourself, whether for a stag weekend or just a fun weekend with friends, book it here


If you fancy giving it a try it for yourselves, there is more info here: http://www.maximise.co.uk/stag-weekends/bubble-football/