CR7 Drive from Herbalife – a review

‘Rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration.’


Most fitness enthusiasts would jump at the chance of achieving both but may be sceptical of achieving the two through using one product. We can hear you now. You’ve tried and tested many sports nutrition products, but the only real result you see is a dent in your bank account.



CR7 Drive is an exception to this trend. Let us tell you why. It’s designed to enhance on-field / workout performance, ensuring carbohydrate and electrolyte levels are maintained to as close to optimum as possible. It’s a contemporary approach to a sports drink, containing no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and the main purpose is to rehydrate before and during exercise, replacing what is usually lost from perspiration.


I tested the product two-fold. Training and for matches. For a four week period.


The product comes in the form of a powder which is added to water. Taken before or during your workout / session / game, it aims to keep you hydrated throughout alongside boosting your energy levels.


I train 6-7 times a week often finishing with a 5k run or so. I take the product before my sessions – and before I started using CR7 Drive, I didn’t take anything. I was left flagging at the end of most sessions, despite being one of the fittest.


Results? Certainly. I could see a difference in my energy levels – more often than not still feeling as though I could push on and do more, both in training and matches.



It was bizarre – never before had I felt like this. Two weeks of not taking any product vs. Two weeks of taking the CR7 Drive saw a noticeable difference in my hydration and energy levels. It was great. Was it a psychological thing? I doubt it.


On average I’d say I’d be able to last an extra half-an-hour when I took the product, to when I didn’t take the product.


“Working with dedicated Herbalife sports science staff to develop

CR7 Drive has been incredibly rewarding and demonstrates what a true partnership should be

like. I look forward to helping athletes around the world understand how nutritious products

can help them perform.”


  • Cristiano Ronaldo


Some key information:


  • 50 calories per scoop
  • Contains a high glucose:fructose ratio, which ensures you’re rapidly fuelled for a peak performance
  • Enhances hydration and provides you with up to 320 mg of essentials electrolytes during a workout (135 mg sodium / 125 mg potassium / 60g magnesium)


Alongside the fact it performs, the product would also stand up to any taste test. As previously mentioned, this product comes in a powdered form – two scoops is plenty and once mixed well, you’re ready to go. Our particular tub came in Acai berry flavour (which contains no artificial sweeteners) – and I’d go as far as saying it’s better tasting than the likes of Lucozade and Powerade for reference.



And if you’re still not sold, allow us to add that it won ‘Best Energy Drink,’ at The Sports Nutrition Awards, beating products such as Optimum Nutrition AMIN.O.ENERGY and Vitabiotics Wellman High Performance!


So, if you’re someone who tends to either flag half way through a workout or sweats by the bucket load, CR7 Drive is certainly worth looking into, as it’ll ensure you can work at an optimum rate for a longer period of time, whilst staying hydrated.


We worked on this post with Herbalife but the views contained in it are 100% our own