Euro 2016 Incentives & Rewards


It is not only about the glory of being crowned European champions at Euro 2016. There is also a significant financial element thrown in, as we are about to find out.


What do you think would be the first image to pop into your mind’s eye if someone said to you the world’s “distribution of wealth in soccer?” I know what mine is because I can see it now. It is Sepp Blatter of FIFA stuffing a manila envelope into his jacket pocket.


Thankfully, this article is not looking at the darker side of the beautiful game, the distribution of wealth in this text is all above board and relates to the prize money awarded at the upcoming Euro 2016, the European Championships, and there is a lot of it.


While each of the countries’ players, coaching staff, and fans will be desperate for their team to progress out of the group stage, those in suits who run their respective soccer associations are already thumbing through the €8 million they have received for participating in the competition.


Each game that a country wins during the group stages bags another cool million euro, with draws netting €500,000. But the losing teams receive nothing. Here’s looking at you Albania!




Reaching the Round of 16, or what the fans around the world call the knockout phase, bags each team €1,500,000 in prize money and incentives. What those incentives are seem to be kept under lock and key right now, but it is fair to say teams getting out of their groups can purchase plenty of croissants in France with the Benjamins they win for doing so.


As you would expect, the prize money continues to increase with each additional stage reached, with the quarter-finalists receiving €2,500,000, the semi-finalists having €4,000,000 added to their coffers. It does make you wonder what this money will be spent on and how much of it will filter down through to the grassroots level.


A wallet-bursting €5,000,000 is the prize for the Euro 2016 runner-up, who I believe will be the reigning champions Spain, with the winner of Euro 2016 returning home, to Germany I think, with suitcases stuffed full with notes amassing €8,000,000.


The mathematicians among you are probably trying to work out how much prize money is on offer during Euro 2016, and how much money and incentives each team could possible win. If this describes you, put down your calculators because we have done all the hard work for you.

A staggering €300 million is allocated to the teams at Euro 2016, €300 million. Can you even imagine such an incredible sum of money?


Should the eventual champion win each and every one of their possible Euro 2016 games they will collect €27 million, the losing finalists €24 million, third place €19 million, and fourth place €19 million, quite stupendous when you think about it.


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