Explicit! All Of Arsenal’s Hero Wilshere’s Anti-Tottenham Songs!

After Arsenal clinched their second-successive FA Cup trophy, with a 4-0 drubbing of Aston Villa at Wembley, a seemingly very, very drunk Jack Wilshere caused outrage at the celebratory parade on Sunday with his choice of footballing hymns.


His songs, directed towards North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, have outraged many- but have also seen him go down in Arsenal fans folklore, as he clearly gets the rivalry between the two sides.


Whether you love or hate Jack Wilshere, there’s no denying he understands this age-old footballing rivalry in ways other players do not.


Therefore, just for Arsenal fans, we’ve collected vines from social media that show all of his anti-tottenham chants from the weekend. Fair warning though, these are very explicit and feature a variety of words that’s common amongst fans every weekend.


Here he is, the man of the moment, Jack Wilshere- dropping his first anti-Spurs album. Are you outraged by his behaviour, or is he a legend?


hat pretty much sums up Wilshere and pretty much sums up this blog.....classless.