FIFA 16 Review: EA Sports’ Latest Offering Impresses Thoroughly

FIFA 16’s release date is massively important to numbers of fans worldwide, with the game flying off the shelves irrespective of how EA Sports’ latest offering was deemed by reviewers. For many, it’s a must by.


This year it’s not different but FIFA faces competition from Pro Evolution Soccer, with Konami’s release earlier this month making waves; which meant that the title of best football game wasn’t an easy grab for FIFA.


The competition between the two titles takes us back to a decade ago, where opinions were split and gaming was easier. Online was practically unheard of so you didn’t need to worry about rage quitters but the problem was many of your friends had a different title.


We for one welcome that competitiveness back to the market and it seems to have raised EA’s game, as they’ve produced a fantastic title that we can’t stop playing. From Career Mode to Ultimate Team, the addictive nature of the game drags you in.


FUT Draft is a personal favourite of ours, where a team is selected one-by-one from a choice of five. With legends (if you’re on Xbox), in-forms and other special cards also thrown into the mix, you have a different experience every time you play it- and the choices it provides can be extremely difficult.


One of our first tries saw us choose from five captains, as is customary to the start of the game mode, and this player is usually your star-man. With a choice of George Best, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Christiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben, we were presented with the biggest decision we’ve faced this year.


Similar decisions must be made in Career Mode, on a smaller scale, as two highly-requested features make the game. Pre-season tournaments, complete with seven-substitutes per game, allow a lot of shifting and testing fresh blood, whilst the training mode provides plenty of fun.


Take control of training yourself or let the computer simulate, what this allows you to do is craft a team that is unique to you. Last year if you started with Arsenal the only differences between you and any other Career Mode with the Gunners was the signings you make- but now there can be differences across the board.


With five training spots a week, and plenty of choices to focus on, you can craft Aaron Ramsey into a pinpoint passer or a fine finisher. You mould the players into your perfect team, something that has been lacking from FIFA’s Career Mode for a while.


Online wise there’s still plenty of options, with two-on-two, head-to-head, pro clubs and Ultimate Team, whilst the addition of Women’s International sides also opens FIFA up to an entirely new avenue which we can’t wait to see in the future.


There is notable absences though and once again we’re not treated to the connected Career Mode that FIFA’s American-cousin Madden offers, which is a real shame, whilst Women’s teams can only be used in a few game modes; meaning many players won’t touch them at all.


Gameplay wise it’s massively more tactical, making you time every shot, run or tackle. It’s harder to score, which is a good thing, whilst it’s much easier to concede a penalty. Down the line it would probably be a good move for FIFA to have separate buttons for shirt-pulling and tackling, as we’ve conceded a lot of fouls by sticking a boot out when we wanted to grab someone’s jersey.


Overall, FIFA 16 is a massive improvement on it’s predecessor and EA Sports continue to raise the stakes. We spoke about the rivalry with PES earlier and it’s easy to decide, as Konami’s efforts will always be compared to EA’s- which means that FIFA holds the crown once again.