FourFourTweet Reviews: Umbro Velocita

FourFourTweet Reviews: Umbro Velocita


It has been a successful few years for Umbro since the sportswear giants truly put themselves back on the footballing map. The English brand had been somewhat of a sleeping giant in recent times following the loss of the manufacturing rights for the England national team kit to Nike in 2012 but marked their comeback to English football announcing  kit deals with Premier League side Everton as well as Championship promotion hopefuls Derby County and Hull City.



Umbro have further typified their return to the game with a number of fresh football boot releases. The Velocita being the focal point of the boots. The boots came on to the scene with two stunning  Black / Pink Glo / Blue Atoll and Nimbus Cloud / Dark Shadow / High Rise / Pink Glo colour way’s and have since released a handful of striking designs.





The first thing that struck us was the sheer beauty and attention to detail of the shoe. They are a geometric piece of art. The single-layered material of the upper is complimented by the A-Frame support which offers an unerringly modernistic look to the design, particularly alongside the famous simplistic Umbro logo. Even the laces stunned us with a creative dip-dye effect which sees the base colour fade into the secondary at the tip. The soleplate features lines which dash across the sole as if etched by a laser cutter with two fierce spikes streaming from the heel-plate to the middle of the foot, driving through the eleven carefully positioned moulded studs. Undoubtedly, the large injection of pink and bright yellow in certain boots won’t appeal to everyone but Umbro have also launched a blackout pair to draw in the purists too.






The microfiber upper consists of tiny dimples to allow a rigid, yet flexible feel when you slip them on, offering a sock-like fit which allows an unrivalled feel for the ball. Umbro have tried exceptionally hard to shed the pounds in the Velocita, weighing at just 165 grams, there won’t be many other boots on the market that can give such a sense of speed and agility. This however does come with a consequence and means that the material is frighteningly thin, so much so that you can see a perfect outlines of your metatarsals which may offer some doubts when plunging into a 50/50!


The performance of the boots is fantastic; the snug fit of the upper combined with the exceptionally light material and sturdy heel-plate allows explosive acceleration and exceptional agility. The dimpled synthetic material provides a great sense of satisfaction when whipping in a cross or striking a ball in front of goal. The Velocita is a wide-player’s dream and pushes the rival speed boot brand’s right to the wire and for a top-of-the-range boot; it comes at an affordable price at just £130.


We well and truly loved these boots and look forward to more innovative releases by Umbro. Particularly the next generation of Velocita’s which are set to be released early 2016.


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