Hero! Arsenal Star Saves Young Girl From Police

Arsenal superstar Alexis Sanchez has proved that his heroics don’t lie only on the pitch, as he saved an emotional fan in his native Chile this week- then posed for a photo with the lucky supporter.


The 26-year-old noticed a fan being prevented by police for trying to approach the former Barcelona forward and spoke to officers, before giving the fan what she wanted as he posed for a nice picture.


Following a wonderful first season with Arsenal, where he scored 25 goals in all competitions and won the FA Cup, Sanchez is preparing for the Copa America in his home nation- which Arsene Wenger admitted will force the Chilean ace to miss the start of the new Premier League campaign.


Sanchez is known for his nice gesture to supporters in his homeland, as during festive season he toured his home town and threw Christmas presents to the surrounding children- which included footballs.


He left his family at the tender age of 14 to pursue a career in football and avoid the gang culture that had plagued his hometown. See the video of Sanchez’ heroics below!


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