International Boot Spotting – December 2015

International Boot Spotting – December 2015


International Boot Spotting is a brand new FourFourTweet feature that will show you what the professional’s are wearing when they grace the field and where you can buy them.


We take a look at what the stars will be wearing into the turn of the New Year with some interesting versions of the latest releases as well as some with a personal touch.


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Mesut Özil – Arsenal


adidas ACE 15+ Primeknit


Donned by the most in-form midfielder in world football at the moment, the ACE’s have helped Mesut Özil assist 15 Premier League goals already this season. The German star was seen in the Primeknit variation of the latest ACE colourway as he notched a further two assists against Manchester City this month on his was to the all-time Premier League record of 20. Something tells us that, with 20 games to go, the record will be his come May. Buy here.


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Pepe – Real Madrid


Umbro Speciali Pro


Real Madrid’s fiery centre back Pepe has been a long-term wearer of Umbro. The Speciali’s are a proper pair of boots for a tough-tackling centre-half with their gorgeous kangeroo leather outer and a timeless tongue. Umbro celebrated the release of a Blackout pair of Speciali’s in the week and it remains to be seen whether professional’s like Pepe will lace up in them. Buy here.


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Thomas Müller – Bayern Munich


adidas X 15.1 Leather


Thomas Müller is famously one of the most consistent players in the world and was rewarded for his loyalty and quality to Bayern Munich with a new lengthy contract in the week. For a player who prides himself with such consistency, Müller has surprisingly decided to not follow the trend by adding a personal touch to the X’s with a pair of black laces, different to the pink laces seen in the typical colourway. The X’s come in three variations; the Primeknit, the leather and the standard outer. Müller being the hard-working player that he is, has opted for the durable leather outer. Buy here.




Wayne Hennessey – Crystal Palac


Umbro Velocita 


Crystal Palace’s Welsh stopper has had a fine month for his domestic side conceding just two goals. Pardew’s team are unbeaten in five and Wayne Hennessey, wearer of the Umbro Velocita, has been a key man in this run. The towering keeper has proven that these explosive and lightweight boots aren’t just for the tricky wingers. Buy here.


Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.26.37 Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 13.14.48


Lionel Messi – Barcelona


adidas Messi 15.1


The player doesn’t need much of an introduction and nor do the boots that he wears. Lionel Messi was seen exclusively wearing the latest Black/Solar Green/Red colourway as he guided his side to the Club World Cup trophy earlier in the month. The best player in the world’s footwear has been somewhat of a mystery given his lengthy absence through injury but the world will be fearful now that the iconic forward has returned. Buy here.


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