Is Daniel Sturridge overrated?

Is Daniel Sturridge overrated?


Written by @Challies11


There is no denying that Daniel Sturridge has been in spectacular form this season and he has been key to Liverpool’s progression so far this term. They’ve been a surprise package and the English striker has been hugely important to this, as he will be for England in Brazil.


World Class?


However, I believe that many people are going too far with the praise. The term “world class” gets thrown around too much these days and seeing some people claim that Sturridge is “world class” is simply baffling. He’s not even the best player in the Liverpool side.


Like it or not, the Premier League doesn’t have many “world class” players. The closest thing currently is Sergio Aguero but he still has some way to go, as does Eden Hazard and Luis Suarez. To be “world class” you have to perform on the biggest stage, none of these players have done so.


Finally found his stride


Sturridge definitely hasn’t. Liverpool is his third top club and he’s finally found his stride, playing to the best of his ability. However, he’s yet to perform on the European stage as Liverpool haven’t been playing in those matches and he hasn’t had a real chance on the international stage yet.


The World Cup gives him a brilliant opportunity to showcase his talents but unfortunately for him, and the other top English players, the whole England squad isn’t good enough and they’re in a terribly hard group. It won’t be a successful World Cup in Englishman’s eyes.


Champions League 


Sturridge needs to continue these performances into the Champions League next season with Liverpool and he must also do so on the international stage. Only then can the question be raised as to how good he is and we’re getting ahead of ourselves if it happens beforehand.


In no way am I insulting Sturridge. He’s a top class player but the problem here is the willingness of people to throw around the term world class. To be considered this, you must be in the top twenty players in the world.


Is Sturridge? No, he may scrape into the top 50 but he’s got a way to go. Let’s see how he develops, for now let’s stop using the term world class to describe a player that’s only really impressed this campaign.