New Balance: Like a Pro Episode 3

New Balance: Like a Pro Episode 3


In the third episode of ‘Like a Pro’, John and Kieran head to Liverpool FC’s training ground, where they have the chance to meet with the manager Jürgen Klopp. Here they learn about what it really takes to become a top professional in the game.




Whilst at Melwood training ground, John and Kieran also meet and play alongside some of Liverpool FC’s top players to discuss, and put into the practice, the fundamentals of Jürgen Klopp’s dynamic style of football.
In this training session the boys learn that to be able to create a high intensity pressing game that Liverpool employ you must:


Play with the mentality of pressing with high intensity


Condense the play and force the other team backwards


Think about how and where to press in a match situation


Wait until the opposition enters your half, then press the ball


If you lose possession, switch back to an up tempo game




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