PostGol makes its UK debut to Goals Wimbledon

PostGol is the automated Video service that records live grassroots matches in full HD and gives you all the statistical information of your physical performance thanks to PostGol’s wristbands. The user can view their footage onto the PostGol website once creating a simple login, the user can then edit their footage with functions such as ‘Slow-motion’ and ‘Zoom’. The state-of-the-art camera technology follows the ball and the main directions of play and through computer algorithms, alternates between the different cameras.


The wristbands will track the players distance travelled, calories burned and overall statistics – there is also a function on the wristband that allows the player to highlight and focus on the previous 15 seconds to rewatch as a highlight on the website.


PostGol’s website also works as a social media platform where the user can create and share their own collection of highlights amongst the PostGol community; as their views, votes and shares increase their profile ranking increases and based on their ranking, profile users can win prizes from PostGol sponsors such as free credit from Betclic and Adidas products.


National & International Tournaments: PostGol is present in Italy, France, UK and USA and through the social media channel; we organize national and international tournaments filmed by PostGol. Goals Wimbledon hosted its annual Nando’s 5-a-side tournament on Tuesday 16th August, where 36 teams participated in the company-funded event – the majority of the event was filmed throughout the day on Goals’ Wembley pitch and can be seen on the link below:


For more videos at Goals Wimbledon; follow the login directions, go to the video section and select ‘Goals Soccer Centre at Wimbledon’