Premier League ticket prices:

Premier League ticket prices:


Written by @OscarBevis11


Now we all know that the recent boost in ticket prices to watch top flight football has been a large cause of debate, but how far can some fans go with this?


Being a Chelsea fan isn’t exactly torturous, with the clubs success in recent years being better than many expected even with the help of Roman Abramovich’s Russian money being pumped in to the club year after year. However this success does bring some cause for concern, for me ticket prices for the larger clubs such as Chelsea need to be looked at. This high pricing has driven many hard-core fans away from the clubs they once adored.  Recently I was looking at booking tickets for Chelsea’s away fixture at Manchester City earlier this year. The prices for Adult’s were starting at around £50 per person, now that is just unreasonable, to see how this compared to the home fans prices I had a look on the official Manchester City website where adult tickets were £10 cheaper with a food token included. That’s scandalous to say the least, but it’s even worse when I tell you that Chelsea actually subsidised these tickets for all fans meaning that the prices charged by Manchester City actually started at around £65 per adult.


Ticket prices


Now if we’re being completely honest here, ticket prices being frozen is just not good enough, for me the ticket prices need to be reduced at all clubs as football is slowly becoming less of a working man’s game. I really don’t know how some fans do it, travelling to away games up and down the country week in week out, it’s incredible. It isn’t just Chelsea who are doing this however; many other top flight clubs are making their fans pay just under £1000 for a season ticket with a half decent view, that’s pure silliness.


Take Arsenal for example, a club who in the last 9 years have failed to win a major trophy are charging ridiculous amounts for season tickets, yet on the pitch they fail to give back to their fans who are subject to some of the most expensive ticket prices in world football.




I understand clubs are seen as business’ by the people backstage, but surely these clubs who pay out ridiculous wages to bit part players can afford to reduce ticket prices just a little. Another thing which makes many a fan angry is the loan system, how clubs can afford to pay these players (that the fans may never get to see in action) is almost laughable, take Chelsea as an example. The amount of players loaned out to ‘gain experience’ this season is around 20+, and these players are paid to play for other, usually lower league teams. That’s wrong.


In my opinion £30 should be the maximum amount charged by a top flight club to watch a league fixture, even that isn’t cheap to some. In recent years Chelsea have done well to subsidise costs for away domestic cup fixtures, for example Arsenal away, Swindon away and City away to name but a few. However I feel this just isn’t enough payback to those who devote their lives to their clubs.


Looking back on this, I feel one of the larger top flight clubs needs to make the first move in reducing ticket prices and hopefully we will see many clubs follow. One way this ticket pricing dilemma could be solved is by installing safe standing in all UK grounds, but unfortunately this procedure would take years to implement and by that time many fans could have resorted to watching lower league clubs if no action is swiftly taken.