Ronaldo Nazario – the most expensive player of all-time

Play Ratings have undertaken a study to prove that Ronaldo is the most expensive transfer of all time…


Despite the fact that PSG paid a staggering €222m for Neymar last summer – Play Ratings claim that Ronaldo’s move to Inter Milan from Barcelona would almost double that.



To determine who is the most expensive player ever, the monetary revaluation and the increase in revenues must be taken into account alongside fluctuations in several different currencies.


The result? Play Ratings, who specialise in financial information, have shown the €28m Inter paid for Ronaldo would actually be worth €433m nowadays.


Ronaldo was not the only player who exceeded the €222m that PSG paid for Neymar.



Diego Maradona: €345m

Transfer to Napoli

Michel Platini: €334m

Transfer to Juventus

Cristian Vieri: €334m

Transfer to Inter Milan

Marco Van Basten: €328m

Transfer to AC Milan

Gabriel Batistuta: €281m

Transfer to Roma

Gonzalo Higuain: €264m

Transfer to Juventus



Ronaldo scored 47 goals in 49 games in all competitions during the 1996-97 season at Barcelona. At the end of 1996, aged 20, Ronaldo became the youngest player to win FIFA World Player of the Year and moved to Inter Milan after just one term at Barca for a then world record fee of €28m.


To put that into perspective, here’s who Play Ratings deem the world’s most expensive players who are still playing:


Neymar: €230m

Lionel Messi: €167m

Cristiano Ronaldo: €144m

Kylian Mbappe: €142m

Luis Suarez: €137m


There’s no doubt Ronaldo’s one of the best strikers of our generation and it’s such a shame his career was cut short due to injuries. Between 1994 and 1999, Ronaldo Nazário scored 115 goals in 134 games before his first knee injury… What might have been!