Tommo’s Friday Column – Rooney & The Farcical EFL

Tommo’s Friday Column – Rooney & The Farcical EFL

By @TommoNewtonSJ


Rooney Outrage Unjustified


Wayne Rooney’s drunken wedding appearance has been by far the biggest football talking point this week. The United ace was spotted stumbling around at a hotel wedding party and was photographed bleary eyed in the early hours of the morning. When the story broke earlier this week in The Sun, the general consensus of the public seemed to be ‘So What?’


Having just starred in a convincing 3-0 win over the old enemy, was he not entitled to enjoy himself? At no point did Rooney break the law, and yet the tabloids couldn’t wait to get stuck into him as they have done so often. The outrage would have been justified had the party took place in the build up to the game, but it didn’t. Rooney was doing something that every other bloke his age has done at one point or another, and yet I can’t remember Big Dave from the local pub team making the headlines. This was yet another dig by the tabloids that seem desperate to provoke outrage, and judging by the public’s reaction: they’ve failed.


EFL Reach New Low


This week the EFL managed to somehow reach a new low, as 12 clubs were fined a total of £60,000 for breaching rules which dictate what strength of squad each club has to play in the trophy competition.


All this has proved is that the competitions sole aim is to cater to the Premier League youth teams which they were so keen to welcome into the EFL Trophy.


My club, Peterborough United, were among the 12 clubs fined for breaching the rules. We will have to stump up £3000 for not fielding a full strength squad in a 2-1 win over Barnet.


I couldn’t have cared less about the competition before it started, and I gave even less care about it during the Barnet game, considering we had already been knocked out. Actually, that’s a lie; my lack of enthusiasm has remained consistent throughout. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have had any objections had we let 11 trained Labradors take to the pitch for the entirety of the competition


With nothing to play for, we gave minutes to fringe squad players and youngsters who wouldn’t usually get to experience first team football. It seems rather hypocritical that we would be fined for the exact thing the EFL are encouraging Premier League sides to do. With crowds low, and clubs unenthusiastic it seems unlikely the competition will continue, and I, like many others, won’t grieve for it.


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