About Us


From Temuri Ketsbaia’s hoarding bashing to Calton Palmer in the bath, we cover everything Football. We are home of Guess the Footballer and our Twitter account is @FourFourTweet. Seriously though, welcome to FourFourTweet. We started off in the Summer of 2012, properly in June. Our aim is to talk about everything Football and communicate it with our followers in a variety of different ways, be it competitions, announcements, games or written articles.


We have a variety of different writers, and credit them wherever possible. This is just the beginning, we wanted to see how the site would work first and how people adapt to it before the 2012/13 season is over. Throughout the Summer we will be updating the site with new and innovative ways of interacting with you all. Thanks once again for visiting the site, we appreciate your constant support!


FourFourTweet is a product of Igneous Rock Limited.

For all inquiries please email info@fourfourtweet.co.uk