Fudge Urban – an introduction

Fudge Urban – an introduction

Football has seen an incredible transformation in terms of player appearance both on and off the pitch. What was once a sport dominated by brick wall-esque defenders, with very short shorts, jet black boots, solid moustache and impressive mullet (we’re thinking Graeme Souness), is now influenced by intricately made multi-coloured boots, designed for skilful feet, and shorts twice the length of old, worn by professionals with some rather ‘adventurous’ hairstyles.


The point we’re making is that vanity has seeped into football at a rapid rate of naughts, and never has it been more important for players to look their best both on and off the field. When was the last time you saw Cristiano Ronaldo leaping for a header or posing for a photo on instagram with a hair out of place…? We’ll wait.


In football, you want to enter any situation with your confidence at 100% and a well-styled barnet can help that!


The modern day icons who are etched high in the echelons of football and social media are role models to current and future generations, with followers constantly trying to replicate their personal styles and looks.


Regardless of what style you’re going for or who you’re trying to copy, one factor in achieving a solid hairstyle that remains a constant is quality product.


Fudge’s Urban range, which consists of Matte Up, Rough Up and Hold Up products, provides an all-encompassing offering meaning there’s something for all hair types. It’s a range that’s designed to keep up with adrenaline active and socially active lifestyles; I.e. that of a footballer.


Matte Up


Matte Wax

Matte Head Master

Anti-Gravity Powder Styler


These products are dry and non-stick, providing a firm but flexible hold. They’re ideal if you’re looking for a matte finish and natural messy look. These texture blasters are just what the doctor ordered if you want a firm matte finish. When it rains during a match and you feel your lid starting to wilt, it’s not a great look. This product will give you increased hair strength in those situations.


Rough Up


Texture Junk

Sea Salt Spray


Ideal for those with longer hair, these products are brilliant for moulding hair shape via your fingertips. Similar to the Matte Up products they give texture but also provide flexible control, leaving you with a gritty, raw texture. In essence, your hair will look full-bodied and majestic as you’re gassing it towards the by-line. What’s more, as we’re now seeing an increase in simulation within the game, this Rough Up range will give you a more rugged look; the ref knows that when you go down, there’s a legitimate reason behind it.

Hold Up


Remouldable Paste

Ice-Freeze Styling Gel

Inflatable Jelly


This line provides the ultimate style endurance with athletic hold for styles that last longer than you do…We’re not saying it’s so extreme that when you go to head the ball, your hair propels back into it’s original position, but let’s just say that the time you spent sculpting your lid in the changing rooms won’t be wasted. They also offer a semi-shine (still no where near the Alvaro Morata extremes). Special shout-out to the Inflatable Jelly, which provides thin and fine hair with increase volume and texture from the roots. It won’t create miracles like the hair transplant of Antonio Conte but it will increase hair density by 100%.


So, whether you’re looking to achieve a slick style whilst you’re tearing it up on the pitch, or readying yourself in the changing rooms before what we hope will be post-match celebrations, Fudge’s Urban range has something for everyone.